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Have you ever listened to Seville? Well we have. They are Great!

Posted on Nov 25, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Have you ever listened to  Seville? Well we have. They are Great!

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 Diane and I went to the Fisherman’s Village, this afternoon. As some of you know I did a blog post yesterday….I had my days mixed up, so we arrived at Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey, CA we were expecting a Latin Jazz Band, instead to our surprise we find  ‘Seville’!

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May I say it was a pleasant surprise; we were listening to old school from the ‘50’s to the millennium? Rhythm & Blues, Jazz you name it. ‘Seville’ has been together for over 36 years and they were just phenomenal.

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As you can imagine it was not a disappointment, rather a pleasant surprise. Philemon Young, Jr., Michael Martin, Sr. and Johnnie Morrisette, Jr. were the best. I cannot think of a better mistake, I have made in yearsJ.

ocean view condominiums in Marina Del Rey Endre Barath

So after we enjoyed the music and we came home and I had to do some research.  I discovered that Seville has unlimited amount of credits. They have performed as part of  “The heroes and Legends Awards” at the Universal Sheraton  at Universal Studios in CA along with notables as Gladys Knight, Bubba Knight and I could go on and on. They also appeared on PAX television special with the “Silhouettes, Barbara Lewis of ‘Baby I’m Yours’ fame.

Seville the band Endre Barath,Jr

I have also discovered that ‘Seville’ has at least three recordings ‘Falling In Like’, ‘Love in a Seville way’ and ‘Toss Salad’. I will be looking for their CD to add to our collection. Evidently this was their Third Saturday after Thanksgiving in a row. They are trying to make it a tradition, I hope they doJ because then we will tooJ

ocean view homes in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath

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