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Happy in the Kitchen, by Michel Richard

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Happy in the Kitchen, by Michel Richard

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Over the years I had the opportunity to eat in a few of Michel Richard’s restaurants. He had a great Restaurant in the Melrose District of Los Angeles called Citrus, sadly he closed it and moved to Santa Barbara and opened Citronelle. Needless to say I was thrilled that he opened a restaurant there and we went to the Santa Barbara Inn just to have his dinner. One of the regrets I had was that I did not buy his cookbook then. BTW that was over ten plus years ago. Hence every time I go into a used bookstore I am always searching for his cookbook.


Then in 2006 to my surprise I saw he had a new cookbook out. Of course not wanting to miss out again, I immediately bought his new cookbook’ Happy in the Kitchen’.


I always rationalize that if I make once recipe from a cook book I bought, it is paid for it. Needless to say shortly after it I went through his recipe book and could hardly wait to make something out of it.


Well I made his stuffed Salmon with Asparagus, which was truly out of this world. Since then the book has been on the counter waiting for me to make another recipe.


Well I have been reading up on his recipes, since I bought the book we have been eating less and less meat so I gravitated to his Shellfish & Fish section as well as his vegetable section. Needless to say I found three great recipes that I will have to make and adopt to our taste. One is a Scallop with Celery Root Cream, the other is an Asian Bistro Mussel Soup and the third is a Tuna Beet Tartare.

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I can hardly wait to have time to go to my favorite Farmer’s Market and my favorite Fishmonger and make all three of these dishes.


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