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Goals, Visions & Dreams!

Posted on Jan 29, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Goals, Visions & Dreams!

I have been a private person all my life, most people only saw the side I wanted them to see. Hidden underneath were my Dreams, my Visions as well as my Goals!

Then came the internet in my life, as far as I was concerned nothing changed. Then came Facebook in my life, now this on the other hand started to chip away from my private persona keep in mind not because of me, rather because of friends and family who mentioned bits and pieces of my life in a public forum.

Marina Del Rey Channel View, Endre Barath

 Then came Active Rain into my life. I still managed to control my Goals, Visions and Dreams and keep it private.

 Then came Active Rain with many different contests, more and more my private persona was being chipped away, slowly but surely by the internet and Active Rain.

ocean view in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath


Then came the Active Rain Contests with big points being dangled in front of me. Now keep in mind that I am a competitive person wanting to get more and more points to move up the latter of Active Rain, I have slowly given up my private persona.

The best part is I am confident most people do not care about me personal life and those who do are my friends anywayJ

Goals, Dreams and Visions, Endre Barath

So with that said, what are my Goals? Well I have many and as the years go by they change. Some become more important than others. I feel lucky I have good friends, a good life partner and we have similar goals: Good quality of life, good food, good wine and our pets. We are blessed to live in a great climate in a good location. Southern California is not a bad place to call home as I watch our East Coast Friends being in a deep chill.

I am also lucky to be working for a great company with a fantastic manager. There are many people in this world that cannot say the same. I can count on one had how many great companies I worked for as well as how many great managers/ bosses I had. I can still hear my father saying enjoy it because they are far and few in between. I am also lucky to have great clients who come back to me over and over because they appreciate my value to them!

So with that said my goals, my dreams and my vision is to keep what I have and add to it as need it!

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