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Give Chance the Chance he Deserves!

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


This was sent to me PLEASE Help!

 Chance is a gorgeous red pitty, about four years old, who was rescued from the worst conditions imaginable. Shockingly, Chance remains the sweetest gentlest soul. He is good with other dogs, good with people and good with kids!


 chance this loving dog needs a home


Unfortunately Chance is now at the Santa Monica shelter. Chance was rescued from an abusive home where he was tasered regularly and beaten!! But he continues to smile and lick every human who comes his way. Despite all the abuse and neglect Chance has suffered, he remains very affectionate. He’s a wise old soul who knows that there are better humans out there, and he is not going to let his past rule his present and future. Go Chance!




Chance was overjoyed to finally go outside of his cruel, urine and feces ridden cage, on his first walk for over a year. Finally a chance to repair his acid burned feet, smell the fresh air, and feel the kindness of a human. Sadly, that walk ended at the shelter, where he now awaits the loving home that he deserves.




This is an EMERGENCY SITUATION. By JUNE 27, we need to find a home, or at least a foster home, or Chance’s chance of staying alive are very slim. Pits, regardless of how sweet and wonderful they might be, do not have long in the shelters, they are the first breed to be killed. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ASAP!


Chance comes fully vaccinated and neutered. The rescue team looking out for him will pay his shelter pull fee, and will provide food, bedding, and anything else needed for the first 3 months.


If you know anyone who can help this amazing guy, please call us at 734-216-2163 or send an email to We feel lucky to have met Chance, and want nothing more than to see him safe, happy and loved.


You could not save a more deserving soul, or find a better friend.


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