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German Speaking/Writing Realtor (Deutsch Sprachiger Immobilienmakler)in Southern California

Posted on Sep 21, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


One of the benefits of this Global Economy is the ability to purchase and own Real Estate Globally. The current Real Estate situation in Southern California makes it particularly interesting for International Investors to purchase Real Estate here. The strong Euro and weak Dollar makes an investment in Southern California very appealing proposition to European investors.


I have just referred a for sale property in Germany to a German Realtor (Deutscher Immobilienmakler).  The Seller lives and lived in Southern California for  the past 16 years and had the place rented to an elderly woman, who is moving into a Retirement home. The difficulties of finding an agent who was Customer friendly, trustworthy and local was not easy. From this experience I got the idea for this post.


If it was difficult and challenging for me, then I am confident for a German, Austrian or Swiss(German Speaking Swiss) Investor it is more challenging  to find a patient, trustworthy and German Speaking/Writing Realtor (Deutsch Sprachiger Immobilienmakler).


If you are a consumer living in Europe and are considering buying  or selling investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California,  Beverly Hills ,Marina Del Rey, Venice or Malibu. Feel Free to give me a call  at  310.486.1002 (USA)  or email me  at EndreBarath@TheMLS.Com  or visit one of my websites  with that said, I will summarize this in German below.


Einer Vorteil von den Globalisierung des Weltes ist die Moeglichkeit zu Kaufen Immobilien ueberall der Welt. Die heutige verbilligung der Immobilien in Sued Californien ist sehr interesant fuer die Staatsburgern von Europa, seit der Euro ist so Stark gegen den Dollar. Die groesste Probleme ist das grosse Unterschied zwischen Europaeischer  und Californischen Verkaufs Regeln. Mann braucht einen Deutsch Spraechigen Immobilienmakler das die Fragen erklaeren kann. Wollen Sie Immobilien in Californien kaufen, bitte rufen Sie mich an oder schicken Sie mir einen  e-mail.


Herzlichen  Gruesse von Sonnige Californien

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