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Freedom, isn’t Free: Reflections on Independence Day!

Posted on Jul 4, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Freedom, isn’t Free: Reflections on Independence Day!


As most of us celebrate Independence Day with Barbecues, having friends and family over playing patriotic music I would like to reflect on the true cost of our Freedom.

Ranger Regimenatl Colors-Darby Project by Karl Monger


These thoughts have been quietly surfacing all over the country. One of my Ranger Brothers Karl Monger, the Founder & Executive Director of GallantFew Inc has sent a Newsletter re-running Deb Boyce’s reflections on Independence Day. If you have not seen it I will provide a link here embedded (it is very good but sad read).


For those who just want a taste of it, I will paraphrase a few of the points here:


Usually on Independence Day people use the statement “Freedom isn’t Free” as a catchphrase. The price is high, not many actually think of what the real cost consist of in human terms. The American military both active and former consists of about 11% of our population. When the average American family watches fireworks, are they reminded of the bombs and bullets and noise our Soldiers have experienced?


When Americans are throwing meat on the grill are they thinking of the soldiers who have been severely injured physically or emotionally? Are they thinking of the many unemployed Veterans? Are they thinking how to help prevent veterans from committing suicide? Are they aware that in all of the above categories Veterans have a higher per cent compared to their civilian counter parts?


So the least any American can do this most patriotic of holidays is to Commemorate the Courage and fortitude of our Founding Fathers and take a moment before they bite into that hamburger and say a prayer of gratitude for the service and sacrifice these humble and deserving men and women who are giving up their holiday to stand that duty post to protect us from the many who would like to see America Destroyed!



Thank you Veterans, past, present and future for sacrificing your time, comfort and even your lives to protect the freedom symbolized by the American Flag!


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