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Free Advice To Land Sellers: Yes you should respond to a low offer & should act like a businessman

Posted on Dec 15, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

As the land buying and selling community knows, I am one of the Top Land Listing & Selling Realtors in the greater Los Angeles area. Not trying brag, just stating facts. I have sold more vacant land from Mt. Washington to Malibu then any other Realtor in the past twelve year’s period.

 Selling Land in today’s Real Estate Market has its own challenges. There are fewer buyers and there are fewer lenders willing to lend on vacant land and the inventory is confusing. Too many agents are not familiar with how to properly price land, and then add to that, they know even less on how to price land in a Soft Real Estate market.

 With that said, I would like to let Sellers of vacant lots know:  If you receive an offer, (in California that consists of approximately thirty pages including disclosures) that is not an “an insult” (if the offer is low) It is the beginning of the Sales Process. That means the Buyer felt, that it was worth his effort to spend his and his agent’s time to draft up an offer. Instead of being “insulted” the seller should be grateful, that there is a buyer willing to make an offer. One must then put emotions aside and come back with a businesslike Counter Offer (generally that is one to two pages max). If you want to sell your land that is the Least you can do is, to respond in a businesslike manner.This is the beginning of the sales process.

 Now the Sales Process begins, so role up your sleeves and enjoy the negotiation ride. So in conclusion, if you are a Seller, put emotions aside and act like a businessman if you want to sell your Land and respond to all offers.

 If not then please take back the Listing and do not waste buyers, buyer’s agents and your listing agent’s time and his money. Rather come back in four to five years and hope, that the Building Codes have not made your lot obsolete and not sellable. Then maybe we can sell it.  If the Ordinances have made your Lot worthless and not possible to build on, then remember the days you received an offer, but you were too proud to write a counter offer, and donate your worthless lot to the city so you do not have to pay taxes and brush clearance on it. That is my free advice to you.


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