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Forbes just published the most expensive zip codes in the US, where do you fit in?

Posted on Oct 6, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Forbes just published the most expensive zip codes in the US, where do you fit in?

Ironically yesterday I wrote a post about where you would like to live in Malibu or Bel Air?  Everyone who responded chose Malibu over Bel Air. So let us see what Forbes had to say.

Rank   Zip Code,    Median home Price     Median Price Change    Average Days on Market   Median                                    

            City, State                                                                                                                               Household Inc


 6            90210            $3,684,150                            9%                                        174             $112,572

       Beverly Hills, CA

24           90265            $2,730,577                           16%                                       228             $100.857

        Malibu, CA

33          90077             $2,347,030                             0                                           165              $141,527

         Bel  Air, CA


My first reaction to the Forbes information is wow, how interesting, my timing was, that I wondered where people would like to live. Specifically, when the money to buy a home is very similar in both areas I would have expected an even division. Interestingly more people preferred living by the Beach in an Ocean View Home, where the Beach is the back yard.  My second reaction is let’s double check if it is true or not. Since I have access to all three areas data base I will do that later tomorrow.


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