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Food Trucks: ‘Beach Eats’ are here to stay in Marina Del Rey,CA!

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Food Trucks: ‘Beach Eats’ are here to stay in Marina Del Rey,CA!

Food Trucks, I have written about them, when they were just breaking into the Los Angeles Street Scene ( it seems like ages ago. Hard to believe that was only February 2011. Since then the Food Channels have had many shows, contests, competitions with and about Food Trucks. Food Trucks are now all over the country and everyone has picked up on this relatively inexpensive way to eat and enjoy Gourmet Fast Food. When I wrote that post it was the beginning of the Food Truck Scene, now no one calls them “Roach Coaches” anymore, when James Beard Award winning chefs have food trucks you know it has become main stream.

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On one of my most recent post about the Venice Meet up ( ) Food Trucks were part of the scene, not just in the back ground but as the main event and that was in June 2012. So it just amazes me how fast Food Trucks were incorporated into our way of life.

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I have noticed every Thursday, as I drove home, I saw that on Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey, CA there seemed to be a Food Truck Convention.  Since July 26th every Thursday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm Food Trucks were serving their delicious foods to the locals as well as Tourist. Nearby there are about four Hotels walking distance to where they set up operation, so I am sure that the Tourists have been indulging in this wonderful Los Angeles Epicurean adventure as well.

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According to the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association, who organized this summer event in conjunction with the Beaches and Harbors, they said that on any Thursday there were anywhere from 1200-1400 people who have patronized these Food Truck Vendors. I was amazed on a multitude of levels, first that there is an Association for Food Trucks and second that there were that many patrons supporting this great way of eating Gourmet Food on the run.

I find it interesting as I drive by on Thursdays how the trucks vary week to week. Some days I see Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Filipino and Soul Food Trucks advertized by their colorful Truck Décor. Then there are other times I see Vegetarian and even Desert Trucks visible from the Road as a drive by. I have meaning to blog about it for quite some time.

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Well the time has arrived now, since I saw something on the News Today that was noteworthy to me. The Food Trucks are here to stay “indefinitely” The Lobster Trucks, the Vegetarian Trucks and the Desert Trucks have been such a hit that now for what they nicknamed as “Beach Eats” they have been requested to be present as part of those six or seven Trucks that have guaranteed space to serve the hungry community of Marina Del Rey, CA. I find it interesting that something that was to be a six to eight week event has established itself permanetly in the heart of the Marina Del Rey, CA community.

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As the evenings will start getting cooler they are already planning on providing Heat Lamps and additional lighting. That tells me anytime I have the urge to eat out all I have to do is take a walk and great food will be waiting for me!


If you are interested to get more information or what Food Trucks will be at Mothers Beach Weekly check out this website and you will get the updated information  or feel free to call 310.305..9545.


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