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Food In the News: Portion Sizes 20 years ago and NOW! Real Estate 20 years ago and now! Check it Out!

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Food In the News: Portion Sizes 20 years ago and NOW! Check it Out! Honest this is not a Jay Lenno Tonight Show Joke. This is the real deal. Twenty years ago today portion sizes were a lot smaller than today in many of our favorite foods. I will only show you a few examples and you tell me what can we do to correct it?

bagels 20 years ago and now

Bagels were 3 inches in Diameter 20 years ago and were 140 calories. Today they are 6 inches in diameter and are 350 calories.

fast food burgers 20 years ago and now


Fast Food hamburgers were 333 calories and now they are 590 calories.

French Fries 20 years ago and now


French Fries were 2.4 ounces and had 210 calories. now They are 6.9 ounces and have 610 calories



small house in seatle


How does this relate to Real Estate? Well let’s look at home sizes. Twenty years ago average living square feet were 1400 today it is closer to 2400 square feet.

large home


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