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Follow Up to my post of Breaking News! Active Brad dispells another “urban legend” and earns another Meal for his familyJ

Posted on Jan 19, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


As some of you might have seen my private post, reference ‘ Members Only Posts’ being on the Internet, to those of you I would like to tell you the Great News.  I was wrong and the information is not on .

 How is that possible? One minute you see your private post, and then just like magic you do not see it. Well thanks for Brad Anderson taking time away from his busy Saturday and sending me a very helpful comment, what to do, another “urban legend” is dispelled.

 Evidently I have all my Social Networking sites open. Active Rain being one of them, I can conduct business at my desk and when I have a moment I can jump on Active Rain and see posts and make comments.  As I jumped over to  to see my RSS feed, whether it is working or not.  I discovered this optical illusion.:  Being a member of AR, the magic of the Computer Memory and Open Browser, I see my private feed on . As soon as I followed Brad Anderson’s solution, just like magic I was seeing the RSS feed as a non-member of AR.

 How about that, I just learned another valuable morsel of information about the Computer and the mysterious magical world of the internet, and at the same time an “urban legend” has bee disproved to us all. Now we can peacefully rant to our heart’s content, in our not so little private world, if we so choose without fear that our ranting is made public. Thanks to Brad and the few of the lesser known hidden minions of AR (the technical staff)


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