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Follow- up to I need your advice and help: What would you do?

Posted on Mar 31, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

This is an updated to my previous Post when I asked everyone for advice on what to do about an individual who advertises her services “Real Estate Specialist”   see my previous post. I put a link at the bottom of this post in case you missed it. 

Anyway I left a Voice Mail to which I received no response all weekend. So I sent her an e-mail see cut and paste. She Responded back twice see both of her responses in order I received them:

Hello ————–

Iwould like to introduce myself. I am a Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills Realtor. I found your business card in ……….and I was wondering which Company are you affiliated with?    Also as a courtesy wanted to let you know, that California Department of Real Estate requires that you put your Company Affiliation and your DRE number on all marketing material including Business Cards. Failure to do that can cause you to have legal problems. Hope this clarification helps. If you are not clear please contact the Department of Real Estate in Sacramento and they will clarify it for you.   On the other hand if you are not a practicing Real Estate Agent be advised this could be a misleading form of getting your name out.   I look forward to your feedback.

 OK here  are her two seperate feedbacks:

Response #1:   I was affiliated with Hilton & Hyland and now I am independent

Response #2:  I was assisting an agent with his transactions I am not an agent


 Now with that said Same Question what would you do next?? Thank you and I look forward to everyones advice and help.

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