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First Annual “Woofstock 90210” what a success!

Posted on Mar 17, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

90210 woofstock

The first annual “Woofstock 90210” is in the history books. Here it was on a perfect sunny 70+ degree weather on Sunday, Bill Crowe of “Pets 90210” and Cindy Brynan & Barbara Rosenman from the Beverly Hills Community Service Department organized a very successful event. The place Roxbury Park’s Wiggly Field at 471 South Roxbury Dr. and Olympic Blvd.,Beverly Hills, CA 90212.The time was from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

 This event was organized for the dogs, by these three wonderful people for ‘ your dogs’. Dogs and their “parents” were at the first annual dog event. There was a dog parade. For a small sign up fee the dogs were judged for best costume, cutes, “looks-most-like its-owner” and many other categories.

 It would not be Beverly Hills and land of the movie industry, if a talent agency would not have been present,  hence “LaPAWS” an animal talent agency was present as well. So next time you watch a new movie, please check out the credits and see if that  “newly discovered critter” is represented by the LaPAWS talent agency.

 There was also one of the producers of Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer” (TV show) so concerned pet owners, who have issue, could present their problems and potentially get on this TV show as well. (Notice I said pet owners, Cesar Millan is very clear, usually the issue is with the owner not with the pet)

 This was truly a fun filled event, music was by the “Muttly Crew”  and even City of Beverly Hills Police K9 Unit was present and they did a great demonstration what these four legged Policemen can do.

 The most important goal was of course to ADOPT a pet. LA Animal Services in conjunction with Bill Crowe of “Pets 90210” and the scores of nameless Volunteers were introducing pets to the visitors and they were trying to save lives. So if you would like to save a life please visit Take a look at some of these helpless dogs who are looking for a home. If you want to adopt any one of them please get in touch with me and we will make it happen.


woofstock 90210



Pets 90210

 woofstock 90210

Bill Crowe and 90210 Woofstock

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