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Fireworks Safety Tips for Marina Del Rey, CA

Posted on Jul 2, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Fireworks Safety Tips for Marina Del Rey, CA

Fireworks Safety Tips for Marina Del Rey, CA. As most of you know that the National Safety Council advises that the best way to have fireworks safety is to watch it at a public fireworks display arranged by professionals. As most of you know there will be No Fireworks in Marina Del Rey, CA.

However rest assured that legal or illegal local amateurs will be setting off fireworks. Hence I just wanted to remind all of you to be safe.


So with that said here are some tips:

•1.       Always set them off outdoors only

•2.       Light fireworks only one at a time

•3.       Stick the fireworks in the ground and never in a glass bottle

•4.       The one setting off the fireworks should wear safety glasses

•5.       Keep spectators at a safe distance away

•6.       Do not be a drunk fireworks shooter

•7.       Never fire off pistols or rifles into the air

•8.       Never allow children to handle fireworks of any kind

•9.       Keep a bucket of water and a garden hose nearby

•10.   Keep pets inside your home with soft music on

•11.   Never re-ignite a dud firework-put it in the water bucket

•12.   Never combine more than one firework with others.

•13.   Keep in mind when in doubt use common sense and stay safe

Keep in mind there are other places that have professional fireworks Displays Just to name a few:

•1.       CBS Studios in Studio City will have music, food & fireworks(CBS Fireworks)

•2.       Dodger Stadium will have fireworks after the Mets/Dodgers game(Dodger Stadium Fireworks)

•3.       The biggest one will be at the Rose bowl in Pasadena. This will be the 85th Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration.(Rose Bowl Fireworks)

So be safe and have a Happy Fourth of July 2011!

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