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Finding a Superior Home Inspector, what should his/her qualification be?

Posted on Dec 9, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

As I was reading the LA time Sunday Business Section/Real Estate Section. One question was raised in the Ask the Inspector section C (Dec 7th,’08) as to what are the qualification to find a Superior Home Inspector?

 Overall the “answer man” gave a ‘poor’ response. Not a “great answer”.  He went on to turn on Realtors, by saying that “good” inspectors are referred to by RE Agents as “deal killers” or “deal breakers”  I find this ludicrous.  There are many good reputable inspectors that will take offense to this.

  I look at the inspectors’ job is to identify the problems and report it. If the buyer has questions to answer it in a factual manner, such as how do you correct it, how long will it be OK in this condition etc? The job is not to be dramatic; if they want to be dramatic they should take up acting and go on Broadway. I find those inspectors are the Deal Breakers, not the ones that identify the problems.

 What annoyed me about this article was that the “answer man” failed to tell what should their qualification be? Where should they look to double check on the inspector? What certification they should look for. Instead he recommended call up Realtors arbitrarily and ask them which inspectors are deal killers and use them.

 So as far as I am concerned here we go again, the LA Times putting out poor or unsupervised information to the Readership. How sad. Let me know what are your thoughts about this subject.As well as what advice do you have for the Reader with the question. 

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