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Film on the sidewalk: Do you know what I am referring to?

Posted on Sep 1, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Film on the Sidewalk: Do you know what I am referring to?

As I was walking out of our unit I noticed next to the sidewalk a small piece of trash, upon closer investigation, I recognized that it was a developed film. Needless to say I wanted to pick it up and look what was on itJ since we were in a rush to go somewhere that was not an option.

Then after two or three steps later, I thought I should take a photo. My initial plan was to do a Speechless Sunday post. The more I thought about it, I was wondering how many people actually still know what a developed film is?

Marina Del Rey Ocean view homes Endre Barath

Movies are Digital, Photos are Digital. The good news is I read a blog post the other day that the average Realtor in the United States is somewhere in the late ’50-‘60’s hence they would all know what this wasJ

Nevertheless in deference to the internet audience and internet generation I felt obligated to write not just post a picture about this treasure I sawJ.

It also bought back memories of about 15 -16 years ago when I would take three rolls of pictures of my listing and hope that there were three or four that would project the property in the best light for potential buyers to come to my listingJ

So if you did not know what this picture was, I am glad I was able to enlighten you. For those who recognized what it was I hope it brought some fun memories back. On a side note when we came home it was goneJ

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