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Fall of the Giants by Ken Follett: a must read for all!

Posted on Dec 23, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Fall of the Giants by Ken Follet: a must read for all! Especially it should be required reading in High School!

First I must say most people would be daunted with tackling a book that is around 1000 pages. Needless to say, those of us who have read Ken Follett understand and look forward to his larger booksJ he is a Story Teller par excellence. Writers who are great story tellers are fun to read and the pages become unimportant.

If you are not familiar with Ken Follett check out my blog that I wrote a while back

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The only reason it took me this long to finish his book was, because I am first and foremost a Full Time Realtor, second I cook almost every night without bragging mostly from scratch….


Now about my observations: If you are like me, then you will agree that most of us are more familiar with the period that follows this book, hence it was refreshing to read Follett’s historical fiction giving me a refresher course on the end of the Tsar’s regime, the end of the Kaiser’s regime, the beginning of Communism in Europe and what the causes of World War II were. Of course it was interesting seeing and living this period through the eyes of the various participants from the Russian Peasant’s to the Aristocracy in Europe: particularly Germany, England and the United States.


Follett gives a descent perspective of what occurred during this period and he stays loyal to the historical facts. I found it at times, somewhat having a rosier view of President Wilson’s position as well as that of the lower classes. Never the less I would make this book required reading in high school for all students and have open discussions comparing the events with Follett’s perspectiveJ


Most importantly I found the Characters fascinating, some with their strengths others with their weaknesses never the less I could not wait to read how their lives were developing, changing and meandering due to the historical events that were taking place.


Now I will look forward to reading the next one which I call Volume Two : The Winter of the World.



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