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Earthquake Tips Post #3 , Southern California living in Earthquake Country

Posted on Apr 11, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Earthquake Tips Post  #3

As you know, previously I have written a couple of post about’ earthquake myths’. We just had one in the not too distant past, a week ago to be exact, a 7.2 Earthquake. This one was larger than the Northridge quake of 1994. It went relatively unnoticed in the major media outlets for a number of reasons.

One as you know the Media likes sensationalism, l for one am grateful that there was less than five people who died, hence it was not newsworthy. Diane (my other half) was on the East Coast and she told me, it did not even make it in the news, only as a one liner.

As you know Southern California is big on earthquake readiness and response services. Our teams have helped all over the world, Haiti being to most recent one. There is no substitute for keeping your family prepared.

The purpose of this post is for you to create a checklist for what to do, before, during and after an earthquake. The Haitian and Chilean earthquakes should be a wakeup call to all Californians; the “big one” is just a matter of “when”. So the best solution is to use the Boy scouts Motto “always be prepared”.

•·         Develop a Family Plan

•·         Set aside supplies

•·         Check the supplies periodically

•·         Have important numbers & addresses available

•·         Let relatives know where you can be found

•·         Have an evacuation plan for pets & family

•·         Keep batteries and replace them regularly

•·         Keep a supply on non-perishable food on had

•·         Have  water in containers ready to go

•·         Have clothing and change of clothing packed

In conclusion, I suggest make believe you will be asked to go camping with no notice for five days. If you have everything for that ready, then you are ready for the “big one” This is not meant to scare anyone, rather it is meant to educate non native, i.e.: Southern California Transplants from other parts of the world, country who are not familiar with the earthquakes that occur here. This is for all who relocated to the Greater Los Angeles area. As an east coast transplant, I had to learn the hard way.

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