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Earthquake Myth #2 “…The Earth Opened….there was a ten inch wide gap…”

Posted on Dec 28, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Earthquake Myth #2 “…The Earth Opened….there was a ten inch wide gap…”

 As I promised earlier, I will try to debunk some of the earthquake myths. So without further delay let us address Myth #2….the earth opened up…”

 When you read a fiction book describing an earthquake or watch a movie simulating an earthquake and they show a fault opening and the earth swallows up cities, towns, and bad people. That is pure fiction.

 Faults like that only exist in novels and the movies. If the earth could open, there would be not Friction and without Friction, there would be no earthquake.

 The earth actually moves in a way if you could visualize two sheets of paper one sliding over the other. The earth’s crust is called the Pacific and North American plates. These large sections of the earth’s crust move past each other as I described one sliding over the other. The Pacific plate is moving northwest scraping past the North American plate at about 2 inches per year. As the plates push into each other, they compress the earth’s crust and producing faults and earthquakes.

 It so happens that of this two inch movement, almost all of it occurs by the San Andreas Fault. This is one of the fastest moving faults, therefore one of the most dangerous Faults in Southern California.

 So if you looked at all the earthquakes over time, near the San Andreas Fault is where the majority of Earthquakes are produced.

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