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Does anyone read our blog posts since the latest Active Rain improvements??

Posted on Dec 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Does anyone read our blog posts since the latest Active Rain improvements??




This is a Members Only Post to bring an important issue to the community’s attention.


This is not a rant, rather a question from a concerned long time Active Rain member.  I was probably one of the biggest proponents of the new changes: Clean Look, help in SEO, improved visibility on the World Wilde Web.  Who would not like that??


I loved the fact we received early notice and warning that changes were in the work, you can imagine my disappointment when I looked at the TRAFFIC Statistics.


I will break down the numbers for you to see it clearly below. Now let’s keep in mind what has changed? The only change is from Active Rain: Localism Posts category does not exist to name one example everything else was meant to generate better SEO??


So how do you explain these statistics??


September 2013   I wrote 28 blog posts the majority of my blog post had been viewed by anywhere from 2900 to 5086 visitors the average was somewhere in the 3300 range!!!


October 2013 I wrote 31 blog posts the majority of my post was viewed by anywhere form


2100 to 3100 visitors this time the average was around 2300 viewers!!!


November 2013 I wrote 38 blog posts the viewing continued to decline


1000 to 2300 visitors this time the average was below 1800 views!!!!


December 2013 I have written not counting this post 15 blog posts


 50 to 160 visitors the average is in the mid 60’s who viewed my post!!!




Clearly those of you who read my blog regularly will attest that the quality has not diminished in my writing. Clearly the indebt look will show you that Active Rains “Improvements” are in direct correlation to the diminishing views. Plus the timing seems very telling; every “improvement” shows a decline of blog posts being on the internet.


Tell me where I am going wrong about this?? Check out your view statistics and then please comment on this post!






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