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Do you read, watch, or click on Google Doodle? If you are Airbonre you did today!

Posted on Oct 22, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Do you read, watch, or click on Google Doodle? If you are Airborne you will stop!

Airborne Realtor, Endre Barath

Well most of the time I must admit I just go on about what I need to do. Look for something, hence I Google itJ today was a bit different. Google was celebrating the 216th year of the first person parachuting. Now that was different, I needed to go and look deeper.


First of all in fairness to disclosure I am an Airborne, Ranger Infantry Captain by previous life. So my curiosity was tickled by Google. Really 216 years ago, I had a difficult time accepting this bit of Trivia. So with more research on Google J   I discovered that, on October 22nd, 1797 French aeronaut Andre’-Jacques Garnerin became the first person to make a parachute jump.


Ok now with that said I was totally surprised, my first jump was in the summer of 1978 at Ft Benning, Ga. I skipped my Graduation Celebration from College so I could go to Airborne SchoolJ so a mere 181 years later I had my first jump.


Depending on who you talk to Airborne School is either easy or hard. Well let me tell you it is not natural for a human being to leave a perfectly good airplane does not matter if it is a propeller driven or a jet   plane and or the various helicopters and jump out of it and hope that the Parachute will do the job. The reality is doing it once is OK, but doing it FIVE times you are either crazy or you are an Airborne Soldier. I found that jumping out was hard mentally and landing was hard physically. Hence I am very proud of my Airborne Silver Wings that I earned.


So I salute Google for mentioning this great accomplishment and Andre’ Jacques Garnerin for leading this honored tradition. Airborne!! If you want to be represented by a tough Realtor who will jump out for you so you do not need to, feel free to reach out to me!


 Here is a small snippet of the Airborne Training enjoy


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