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Do you know who the White House Decorator is? The answer is: Santa Monica, California’s own Michael S Smith.

Posted on Jan 29, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

We are living in a Recessionary Period, the Major Lending Institution, Automaker, overall the entire country and the rest of the world is struggling to stay financially solvent. We have a new president who is focused on trying to make a major turn around in the Housing Market, Healthcare, and Education…you name the subject.

 Last week the White House appointed Michael S. Smith to decorate the living quarters of the First Family. This has generated analysis by the Washington Post, CNN and then a delayed analysis by the Los Angeles Times.

 Michael S Smith

What will be done? Will there be a toned down Green or should I say Earth friendly form of decorating going on? Will it be classic or will it be modern? Will it be extravagant? Different Designers have given their input to the Media, but only one man really knows. That man is Michael S Smith. According to his own biography, he is 44 years old and considered one of the design industry’s more respected talents with an international profile of residential and commercial clients. He has been characterized as a delicate blend of “European tradition and American modernism”.

 Michael S Smith has two books that could give us an indication of what might be coming our way of what the White House will look like: Elements of Style (2007) and Houses (2008). He has many prestigious  awards on his mantel such as Architectural Digest’s “The AD 100” and Los Angeles Pacific Design Center’s West Week “Stars of Design” to name a few.


His website shows on his Portfolio two Malibu Beach Homes, a Bel Air Estate, and a New York High Rise Apt to mention a few. All indication is that money was no object in decorating these sample homes.

  Michael S Smith, Inc. also consists of Jasper Furniture, Jasper Fabrics and Signature Lines to name a few subsidiaries. Everything I see is style and comfort, which is being mentioned in his books as well as on his website.

What I do not see is,what kind of budget is he working with? I know he is not doing it Pro Bono, even though he could, after all every affluent person in the US and the World will want to have him decorate their home. After all, he did the President of The United States’ Digs. Let’s hope that he will be fiscally conservative with our Tax Dollars.

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