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Do you know who George Tirebiter was, bit of Los Angeles & USC History

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Do you know who George Tirebiter was? A bit of Los Angeles & USC HistoryJ


If you have been to USC‘s Downtown Campus (University of Southern California) the odds are you have seen a Statue of George Tirebiter! George Tirebiter wondered into the USC Downtown Los Angeles Campus around the late 1940’s  and could be see all the way to the early 1950’s and the rest is historyJ well not quite. There were different versions of the history some say that students rescued him off the street. Either way he was a shaggy, dirty, but lovable muttJ.

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Ultimately in 1947 he became the Mascot of the school “officially or unofficially” either way he was at every football game, he posed with the Prom Queens among other things.

george tirebiter usc history endre barath


George Tirebiter has his own websiteJ and as you can see he has a statue as well! Sadly tragedy occurred and he was followed by George the Second and ultimately George the Third   George had a huge following and I was glad to be able to take a picture of this great Mascot of USC!

Pet friendly realtor in Los Angeles, Endre Barath,Jr

This small history of a famous mutt is presented to you by your  Pet Friendly Realtor Endre Barath, Jr.




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