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Do you have any advice to a Newer Agent? What is your in input?

Posted on Oct 18, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I am on many websites venues  and a relatively new agent wrote to me and  wanted some advise about relocating and the Real Estate Business. My response  to him made me think  I should share this with the community.

I think it is important to let you know my background. I started out in Boston, MA and then relocated to Los Angeles, with that came a learning curve. LA is vast geographically compared to Boston. As a Realtor you need to know the local communities, better then your clients, hence a challenge to embrace. Then there is the License issue, California had no reciprocity with Massachusetts, I had to take the Real Estate courses and the test over.

 After these challenges, I had to build my client base. Marketing is very strong in Los Angeles. There were many established agents who have been saturating the neighborhoods with their brand of marketing.

 To answer your question, I advise you to do: 

  1. Some soul searching before relocating, especially if you are already established. Why start over?
  2. Become a specialist of a Market that you like, could become a Neighborhood Expert, or a Condominium Expert, or an Income Property, you get the idea. The key is being the most knowledgeable and best agent for the topic.
  3. Network with your fellow agents locally and far away.
  4. Always prospect, either via telephone, internet, socially any way that you are comfortable.
  5. Disregard all the negative influence around you and focus, continue to learn and keep up with the changes. Most importantly be positive.
  6. I receive this advise from my first Broker, when I was new in the business:”… if you go to sleep at night with three Escrows and the next morning all three fall apart and you can then get on the phone and continue prospecting, then you are here for the long haul…”
  7. As long as you are passionate at what you are doing you will succeed.

 If anyone has some comments to enhace my answer, please feel free to expand and I will gladly pass it on to him.


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