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Do you Door Knock in your Real Estate neighborhood? What do you give out that is valuable to the home owner?

Posted on Jun 21, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Do you Door Knock in your Real Estate neighborhood? What do you give out that is valuable to the owner ?Grour Codrin/Free Digital

Just the other day I was having a conversation with another agent about lead generation and what seems to work and what does not. Then she asked if I ever door knocked? My first reaction was “… I used to when I was new in the real estate business…” When I was a New Real Estate Agent, I listened to my Manger who told me that “Door knocking is the most effective way of making face to face contact”. Then next thing I know is that it became a “Lost Art “for me. “This made me pause. Why did I stop? Was it because I started to get successful?  I would send out Mailers instead of the Face to Face? Was it because it was uncomfortable? Was it because I was too busy?

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So I looked in the mirror I saw this older, more mature and pleasantly plum agent, what if he came to your door would you let him in? Would you talk to him? When would be the best time to knock and you would not growl at him? I remember I used to go on Saturdays in the afternoons before dinner and when it was still light out. I used to give out Notepads, Market Statistics and Business Cards. What do you give out if you door knock?

How do you communicate value for the homeowner who’s Door you are knocking on? Do you think it is still a good way to meet the home owner? Or do you think it is an intrusion into their lives and just being on the internet is a better way? Are you claiming to be a “Neighborhood Realtor” without walking the neighborhood?

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