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Did you know there is a Gender difference of about $1200 on buying a Car? How does Home purchasing differ?

Posted on Jul 19, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know there is a Gender difference of about $1200 on buying a Car? How does Home purchasing differ?

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I was in the process of contemplating on buying a car for Diane. She started having car issues. Hence I started on my beginning stages of research. In the mean time she came to me without research that she wanted a particular type and model of a vehicle. I was surprised and it made me wonder. I always start my research beforehand about the car I want I am focusing on making sure that it is a good value. At the same time I have an alternative car in mind and am doing the research on both vehicles. She on the other hand came to me this is the model and type of car I want.

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So this made me think that men and women approach shopping for a car differently. So now, I was side tracked and started to research Gender bias in car shopping. Interestingly enough I ran across an article by USAA that addressed this very subject. USAA commissioned a survey in 2010 and found that women who said they did not like negotiating gave two reason why not. One was they felt intimidated and second they did not feel confident about the process. It also stated that women pay an average of $1200 more than men for an identical make and model of a vehicle, because of this. I had a difficult time accepting this result in the year 2011. I did not think there was a difference of this magnitude.

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This made me wonder why? The answer was relatively surprising, men do their research and know what a good value should be based on their research, hence the only emotional part is choosing the first and second choice for vehicles then the rest becomes research, knowledge and then based on that negotiation.

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Now this made me wonder how house searching, selecting, negotiating and purchasing differs from car purchasing. Is this process also Gender based? Who knows home values better, men or women? Same home in a more desirable area or in a more modest neighborhood? Which one would a man vs. a woman choose? Who is the stronger negotiator when it comes to buying a home? What features are more important to a woman vs. a man? Does the proverbial theory that men look at garages vs. women look kitchen mentality still existing in Real Estate purchase between men and women? I do not believe it, but I am open to your observations.

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