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Did you know that today was “National Best Friend’s Day”?

Posted on Jun 9, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know that today was “National Best Friends Day”?

best friends via free

Unfortunately, I did not know this valuable nugget of information, so I will have to reach out to my best friends tomorrow. Since they are my best friends, I am sure they will understand. After all they did not call or email me today, so the odds are good they did not know it either.

Since this information was on the internet today, I started pondering about this. Why did this fact been only published today? After all, the word could have been put out a few days earlier and we could have reached out to our “Best Friends” in time.

free images of people thinking via Bing

Then again this made me think, who decides what will be a “National Day”? We have 365 Days in a Year, so why don’t we have a Calendar that lists what every day represents? Why there is not a website what each day is identified what it represents?

I do not think that this is such a hard thing to request.  After all I grew up in Europe, Hungry to be exact and they celebrate’ Name Days’ the Calendar showed every day whose name was on the Calendar. So everyone could plan, send cards or throw a party for the person whose name is represented if they want to.

Anyway if you think I sound like Andy Rooney, (may he rest in peace or laugh at my post) who used to be on Sixty Minutes, I will not be insulted, rather I will take it as a complement. Anyway I was just wondering and I am curious what your thoughts are about the subject?

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