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Did you know that part of Venice, CA & Marina Del Rey are in Tsunami Areas?

Posted on Apr 8, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know that part of Venice, CA & Marina Del Rey are in Tsunami Areas? As you drive from Santa Monica, CA to Marina Del Rey, CA paralleling the Pacific Coast you will see these Blue Signs. I have lived for many years less than 500 yards from the Ocean. I have not really thought much of it as I drove by these signs. I was more amused by the signs, than scared.

Then when the Tsunami took place in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 (Phuket Thailand) it looked scary, nevertheless very I felt it was so removed and the incident seemed very remote to me. I even felt that it was unlikely anything of this magnitude could occur in my back yard. (I consider the beach our back yard.) Even though there were over 230,000 casualties and was one of the deadliest Earth Quakes on record.

Why was that? Part of it was my lack of knowledge and understanding of the Magnitude of the Earthquake as well as not understanding the damage the Water could Cause. Part of it was the media did not report that the 9.0 Magnitude-Earthquake was followed by 15 additional Earthquakes from Sir Lanka to the Andaman region.

I understand that Earthquakes cannot be predicted yet. In other words we do not have an early warning system. Naively I understood that we could have given 3 hours notice i.e.: early warning that a Tsunami was on the way. Hence I felt carefree and unconcerned. Think about it 3 hours is not a lot of time unless you are watching a Sporting event……

Fast forward to March 2011 to the Tsunami of Japan. Now I have a different Attitude and Outlook. Earthquakes can not only Trigger a Tsunami, but cause long lasting Damage.

This post is not intended to scare anyone, rather it is a wakeup call to all of us (I live in Marina Del Rey, CA ) to stop procrastinating and put our Emergency Kit together, so if the need arises all you have to do is drive to higher ground.



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