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Did you know that in Korea ‘dog’ is still served as a Meal in Restaurants?

Posted on Sep 7, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know that in Korea ‘dog’ is still served as a Meal in Restaurants? I was catching up on my LA Times reading today and I was so shocked at what  I read in the September 4th Issue of the LA Times  written by John Glionna & Ju-Min Park of Seoul, South Korea, I had to post this. Some of you might not want to read this, others of you might want to take action and others of you might just want to spread the word.

 The Hero of the story is Lee Won-Bok, he is a 45 year old animal rights activist. Every Saturday he places very graphic pictures (I opted not to post pictures) at a busy mall depicting images of dogs in cages, to different stages of the process all the way to the Restaurant table. (I will not describe the graphic parts you get the idea) He is a one man warrior. He says he has collected over 300,000 signatures over a period of nine years.

 The Goal is to stop the despicable tradition of eating cats and dogs. Even though national laws prohibit the eating of these critters, the government rarely enforces it.

 I was so outraged about this activity; I had to write about it. How could a society still allow, tolerate such activity? How could anyone have their pets at home and then go out to a Restaurant and eat “boshintang” (dog soup)? How could a Government, Politicians and Judicial members still allow this despicable practice? How could a society still tolerate this?  How could we stand by and not do something? I urge each and all of you to take action, how ever small or large.

 As a caretaker of three cats and supporter of Local Animal Rescue Organizations I have to speak out against this deplorable practice and the lack of caring by a Society and its People. I commend Lee Won-bok and the two LA Times Reporter John Glionna & JU-Min Park in spreading his crusade. Too bad the LA Times only put this on page 26 rather then the front page.


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