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Did you know that Green Homes are worth more?

Posted on May 23, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know that Green Homes are worth more?

Ten years ago I remember having a conversation with a couple of developers and the subject was how much more will a “green home” sell for compared to a regularly constructed home? We were brainstorming the concept in a coffee shop and the developers were pioneers in Green Construction. I really did not have a true feel for how much more we could sell the home and told them as well.

Green is worth Green, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

We suspected that it would be worth more and progressive buyers, particularly forward thinking buyers from the entertainment industry would be willing to pay more for these green homes.

Well fast forward to 2012 and amazingly there have been many studies done since then. Some by the University of California not only in Los Angeles but also in Berkley and they determined that a “green label” home labeled by Energy Star, LEED for homes clearly sell for more money. According to the UCLA study they are selling for at least 9% more.

Now if I may add my input: in my observation with ten plus years of monitoring this phenomenon, I have noticed that homes that are able to justify that they have LEED Certification actually sell for anywhere for 10-35% more than regular homes. The variance in the price point is based on location. If it is in Bel Air, Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills, it makes a huge difference. The common denominator is where there is a strong Entertainment Industry concentration of home owners the price is higher for Green Homes.

So Green is good for developers, the environment and the community. If you are considering building a Green home please reach out to me since I have a large inventory of Vacant Lots in the Greater Los Angeles area.


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