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Did you know that Freddie Mac is offering incentives to buyers & buyer’s agents?

Posted on May 19, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Did you know that Freddie Mac is offering incentives to buyers & buyer’s agents?

I have read with great interest, that Freddie Mac is offering 3.5% closing cost assistance to buyers. At the same time they are offering $1200 bonus to the buyer’s agent who bring the offer on Home Steps properties.

Conditions are you have to be in Escrow by July 31st and Escrow must close before September 30th. The purchaser must be an owner occupant, cannot be an investor buyer.

This is what I call a great way to stimulate the buyers to get off the fence and buy a home. In light of the fact that lenders have tightened up the requirements this helps that cash strapped buyer who has great credit but no money.

This is also a great way for Freddie Mac to reduce the large inventory of REO properties (bank owned properties). Hence this is a good move for the economy as well. Home ownership helps a myriad of ancillary business and the local Tax revenue will increase as well.

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