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Did you know Conundrum White Wine is a Product of Camus Wines?

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you know Conundrum White Wine is a product of Camus Wines?

Lovers of wine Endre Barath,Jr.


As most of you know I love to drink good wines and eat good food. I prefer Red wines over White wines, nevertheless there are a few exceptions. Conundrum White is one of them. It is a blend of five different white wines. When you say complex wine generally Red is what comes to my mind, in this case I can safely say that this White Wine Blend is Complex. If you are a Red wine lover but are willing to venture out of your comfort zone you must try Conundrum. If you are a white wine lover Conundrum is a must try on your list. The best part is it is under $20 per bottle if you buy it in a wine store, I have seen it even in Restaurants anywhere from $30-$38 a bottle. Do yourself a favor and drink it. If you did not like it reach out to me. If you loved it reach out to me then as well JLovers of wine Endre Barath,Jr.


Normally I do not include ratings; in this case I am making an exception, see cut and paste here:


“This delicious blend of five white wine grapes is one of the best of its type from California.  It’s a complex wine, with an array of ripe, concentrated flavors—pear, honey, fig, vanilla, peach and nectarine, finishing with lots of character and a dash of spice.  Delicious.” Wine Spectator


Conundrum White was one of the first white wine blends made in California and it is very near and dear to winery owner Chuck Wagner’s heart.  Chuck recalls, “It was inspired by my father, Charlie Wagner; who way back when, would sit at the dining room table blending all sorts of wines together to create the ‘perfect glass’ to pair with his meal.”  For over twenty years we have been blending a ‘conundrum’ of white varietals together to create a complex, yet harmonious symphony of flavors that will complement an array of different cuisines   If you are intrigued check this link as well as the wine outJ


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