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Did you hear we had a 3.7 & 2.4 magnitude earthquake in Marina Del Rey

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you hear we had a 3.7 & a 2.4 earthquake yesterday in Marina Del Rey?

earthquake in Marina Del Rey,CA endre barath

I know to most of you it is no big deal, for those of us who live in Southern California, earthquakes are part of life. I was jolted awake from a deep sleep around 3:19am yesterday by a 3.7 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was about 1.5 miles from Marina Del Rey, where we live. Two of our cats did not even get fazed by it and our third one looked at me sort of inquisitively. Diane slept thru the event. Keep in mind it lasted less than five seconds. Since there was no damage even the picture frames remained in their normal position I was appreciative and rolled over and continued sleeping.

Needless to say the following morning, when I had time, I checked and discovered that around 5:27am there was also a 2.4 earthquake. Lucky for all of us there were no injuries or damage reported.

earthquake in Marina Del Rey,CA endre barath

Times like this we need to review our own readiness for disaster.  As most of us fall into the habit of not having our “ducks in a row”, this should be a good reminder to have our Travel Bags with supplies packed and ready to go with our important documents. Especially, since when disaster strikes we do not have precious time to pack and organize things. For those of us who have pets we should have to have a plan to take them and have supplies for them as well.


So with that note, I will be periodically posting what we should be doing on an ongoing basis. For now I am just very grateful that we dogged a serious disaster this time.


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