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Definition of Posh is rich, well to do or aristocratic ie.:the Back Bay

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Definition of Posh according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as rich, well to do, or aristocratic. My definition is more like affluent, luxurious and a life style. Better yet I would give the: The Back Bay of Boston MA as an example of the definition of Posh.

back bay home on newbury st, endre barath


If you want to visit a part of Boston that is elegant and tidy one of the first places that come to my mind is the Back Bay. It is a pleasure to walk and wherever you take your leisurely walk on Newbury Street you can enjoy the boutiques as well as the simple stores that you need to have in everyday life or restaurants or just observe the magnificent townhomes that are in between the shops and restaurants.

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There are so many contrasts in architecture from different eras such as Copley square, The Prudential Center, The Hancock Tower or Newbury St. Everywhere you go there are opportunities to find something you like.

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