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Day in the life of a Realtor Real Estate ‘For Sale Signs’ what is real

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Day in the life of a Realtor: Real Estate ‘For Sale Signs’ & what is the Real Story?

I am an easy going person, you tell me something and I believe it. So with that said, the other day I received a Voice Mail and an E-mail from a neighbor on one of my vacant land listings. She left me a very serious and  concerned voice mail and email, that there were two burglary attempts on her home in the past week and she attributed it to my For Sale Sign being close to her home. She even indicated that the police confirmed this.

Land specialist in Los Angeles Endre Barath

I immediately contacted my seller, we were both very concerned as we discussed the seriousness of the situation and decided to move the sign a few feet over and place a “Land for Sale” rider on the sign. Then I informed her plan was. She thanked me profusely and appreciated my quick and favorable response.

The entire management team jumped on this project. Now keep in mind this happened on Saturday and I assured her that the earliest something could be done would be Tuesday and the latest by Wednesday. She was happy and appreciated the immediate action.

Monday, everyone scrambled due to the seriousness of the allegations and then First thing Tuesday the group went to move the sign and place the “Land for Sale Sign” rider on top. Now with that said I get a fast thank you for our quick & favorable action.

Land specialist in Los Angeles Endre Barath

 Now please look at the pictures: Before, during and after with the signs. So what happened? I have my theory what is yours? All I know it cost me an extra $50 because I lost a Name Rider Post!

hollywood hills land for sale Endre Barath,Jr.

Now keep in mind, I did suggest to her to buy the lot and I indicated that I  thought that the value of her home would increase with the added land and at the same time I also suggested that by her buying the land, it would prevent noise, dust and construction equipment disturbing her daily life. On a side note I found out she is a tenant and does not own the home!


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