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Dark Clouds ahead Life, Politics, Business, Weather & the Economy !

Posted on Nov 7, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Dark Clouds looming ahead: Life, Politics, Business, Weather and the Economy, what are your thoughts?

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I took these pictures as we were in Pasadena a day or two, before the storm which caused all the devastation on the East Coast around the 20th or 21st of October( Sandy of course). I did not have the heart to write this post as I saw what was happening on the east coast. The pictures were taken on the way to  Vromans, my favorite independent Bookstore in Pasadena a day or two before Sandy made its devastating entrance on the east coast of our country. I felt as if I had a premonition with these pictures.

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From there we went to a new discovery, thanks to Michael Jacobs, the Pasadena Condominium Expert introducing me the Sprouts, I had a thrill. Great selections of various products at a reasonable price,  OK it is not Bristol Farms, nor is it a Trader Joe’s ,but it is somewhere in between. Great value and good selections, but that is food for another blog.

los angeles luxury condominiums Endre Barath,Jr.

Then I started to say, well I will never post these pictures, because the Election is on. Dark clouds ahead in politics, which translates to dark pictures in business and I did not want to influence it one way or another with these gloomy pictures.

pasadena with glooming clouds, Endre Barath

Then I said, OK the Election is over, now only the Economy & Business is left…well I did not want to take the chance in case the economy and business was not going the right wayJ) so here we are check out these rare pictures of Sunny Southern California photos in Pasadena,CA.

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