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Crab Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms via the Marina Del Rey Farmer’s Market

Posted on May 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Crab Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms thanks to the Marina Del Rey Farmer’s Market!

First I must mention that since the world has become so close and anyone can get food that is “in Season” somewhere in the world. There is one Vegetable that still is very seasonal. That is the Zucchini Blossom.

Zucchini Flowers Endre Barath

Unless you grow your own vegetables Zucchini Flowers will only be found at your Local Farmers Market. I have cooked Zucchini Flowers in many different ways, this time I chose to do a Crab stuffed Zucchini Flower Dish. In case you are wondering I do not grow my own vegetables I go to the local Farmer’s Market. Lucky for me now there is a Farmer’s Market that is walking distance from my homeJ

dungeness crab endre Barath

I am so lucky there are Six Farmer’s Markets within a seven mile radius from my home: Santa Monica Farmer’s Market (Wednesday s & Saturday s), Venice Farmer’s Market on Fridays, Century City Farmer’s Market Thursdays, Marina Del Rey Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, Culver City Farmers Market on Sundays  and  the Playa Vista Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. In other words I could be at a Farmer’s Market five days out of seven. So why am I not there five days out of seven? Thanks to Diane she controls my budgetJ

Zucchini Flowers Endre Barath

Now to my Recipe:

Crab Salad:

·         I chose to do a Crab Salad, Dungeness crab was my choice this time instead of lump crab. I bought a 2lb Dungeness crab which after you clean it out translates to about 1.5lb crab meat.

·         2 cornichons, chopped ( Trader Joe’s carries them in a small glass jar , very tart pickles)

·         2 teaspoons of capers, chopped

·          Sweet onions (about the size of one small shallot) finely chopped ( I find it sweeter and not as sharp)

·          10 basil leaves chopped & about 5 table spoon of Italian parsley chopped  & about 1 table spoon of Fresh Dill

·         About 4 table spoon of mayonnaise & a ¼ lemon with grated zest.

·         Few drops of Worcester sauce

·         1/4cup of olive oil

For the plate add some micro greens (Trader Joe’s sells them) & some tomatoes preferably small cherry or teardrop tomatoes.

Zucchini Flowers Endre Barath


Mix all this together and let it sit for a few minutes to blend the flavors (15min or so) in the mean time in three separate containers put: ¼ cup of flour, 2 large eggs lightly beaten, & 1 cup of panko breadcrumbs

Take the Crab Salad stuff into the Blossoms this should be about 12 flowers. Once you filled them dredge them into the flour followed by dredging them in the eggs and then dredge them in the panko breadcrumbs.

In a hot large pan with hot Olive Oil fry them for about 2-3 minutes on each side, place the finished product on some paper towels and serve with some left over Crab Salad and Salt & Pepper to taste and if you like have some Tartar Sauce available too or some hot sauce depending on tasteJ OK Trivia question how do you know if your Zucchini Blossom is a Male or a Female? I will provide answer laterJ Final caution if you buy Zucchini Blossoms do not wait days use them same day or the next day at the latest since they are fragile. If you use them the next day leave them in a Plastic bag to keep them freshJ

Crab stuffed Zucchini blossoms Endre barath

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