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Considering buying a home for the first time check out these 7 points!

Posted on Jul 20, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Considering buying a home for the first time check out these 7 points!

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If you are considering buying a home for the first time do you know what are the seven most important points you should consider?


The first and most important point to decide is what is your budget? Home much house per month can you afford?  Once you determined this critical point then it is time to connect with a Realtor who can refer you to a Mortgage Broker to figure out your buying power. Once you know what you can afford, now it is time to go to step two.


The second step is to look at the various communities where you would like to live and figure out how much house you can buy. This is where you reach out to that Realtor and discuss your wants and needs. The Realtor should be able to offer you ideas what you can get in your price range. Once you have decided which pockets you are interested in, then it is time to go to the third step.


The third step consists of being on a search program where you get the newest and freshest listings from the local Multiple Service which you can get in real time. Hence you and your Realtor will be looking at the same information. As you are looking the properties you get a feel for the values and after a while you will know what a truly good deal is.


The fourth step should be done in conjunction with the third step, go to open houses in the neighborhoods you are considering.As you do that, you get a better understanding of the values as well as you get to see how much traffic there is in your price range as to who and how many competition you are facing.


The fifth step should be also in conjunction with the third and fourth steps. Communicate with your Realtor about the pace of the market in your neighborhood as well as in your price range to get a better understanding of how to prepare a potential offer once you find your home that you want to buy.


The sixth step is critical, when you have your proof of funds and your preapproval and you are motivated to buy the house that you would like to live in now, and then you need to move up your priorities. If you get a listing in the middle of the week, do not wait till the end of the week, call or email your Realtor immediately that you want to get into that house ASAP. That way you can be ready to decide if you want to submit an offer or not.


The seventh step is easy, if you liked the house, and then submit an offer based on an understanding of the market and the value of the property and that will just about insure a guaranteed recipe to be able to buy your home. Guess what if you did not get it review the reasons and repeat steps five through seven on the next house.


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