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Community Guidelines on Active Rain

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Community Guidelines on Active Rain

I have been here on AR for somewhere since 2007/2008 please view my Blog Post about the Weltanschauung for a clearer time lineJ. ( )

Just as I did not read the Weltanschauung until January 26th, 2014, I did not read the Community Guidelines either. At least I have heard about the Guidelines through various postsJ   from Seasoned Active Rain Members.  Some have gone on to greener pastures such as Google+ and who knows where else, WordPress Blogs Platform, and places I have no ideaJWell to meet Lynn B Friedman’s Contest requirements I forced myself to read the Community Guidelines too.

border guard eastern europe early 1960's, Endre Barath

Now keep in mind I have come from a very restrictive background, communist Eastern Europe. Then spending time in the extreme freedom world capital of the early 1970’s at Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti, Michigan and then followed by an equally restrictive USMA at West Point NY in the late 1970’s. This background and experience, clearly lead me not to follow Guidelines but move to my own beat.

USMA Beermug, Endre Barath

Now with that said yesterday I read the guidelines and was pleasantly surprised nothing really looked out of line and clearly I have been complying to them all along.

This tells me that the guidelines were nothing more than asking the community to apply common sense. Nothing unusual, no weird restrictions, I totally understand the message!

I remember often members violating on particular guide line and all the seasoned bloggers were on it like you would not believe it. “Spamming or High jacking the blog post via the comments” after I understood the logic and it was explained to me how to correct the errors of my ways, I became a fan of supporting and enforcing this rule of the guidelines as it related to this subject. Interestingly this violation has faded away and I give direct credit to the current regime at Active Rain. There are Training Classes, educational post and Hallway Monitors or should I say Ambassadors. Now days spamming by comments and high jacking a post are virtually a distant memory.


So thank you Lynn B Friedman for motivating me to read the Guidelines something no previous member of Active Rain was able to accomplishJ!

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