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Beverly Hills Post Office

Beverly Hills Post Office aka “BHPO” is a fantastic hillside community north of the Iconic Sunset Blvd and south of the world renown Mullholland Dr. nestled in between Beverly Glen Blvd and Coldwater Canyon (east of & west of respectively).

One of the most coveted zip codes in the world is 90210 it is synonymous with Glamour, Movie Stars and the most Affluent Society. Beverly Hills is a destination place from all from all over the world. People want to visit and or live here.

Now if you are some of the few lucky individual who live in Beverly Hills P.O. you totally understand the value. There are still some open spaces, fantastic canyon views and the best part is, you are virtually five minutes’ drive to the best shops, restaurants and you still feel you are in suburbia.

The neighborhood consists of some the most affluent members of the Globe. Quietly unassumingly there are more Billionaires living in the coveted 90210 zip code than any other part of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Home prices are in the range of the low two million to the high of $195million USD, hence virtually there is a home for every budget imaginable.