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Chinese Real Estate Investors Head to Beverly Hills

Posted on Jun 12, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Chinese Real Estate Investors Head to Beverly Hills

Chinese Real Estate Investors Head to Beverly Hills and then consider buying their first Real Estate in the US. Many of you have seen the Headlines: The Chinese are considering buying Real Estate for investment in the US. Who are these Chinese Investors? It may seem like what a strange question. Upon closer analysis you discover that there are at least four groups of Chinese Property Investors: (1) The Hong Kong residents, (2) The Mainland Chinese, (3) The Taiwanese residents and (4) the Canadian Immigrant Chinese.

Now then comes the question which buyer are you dealing with? The Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese or the Shanghais, they all have different languages, cultural backgrounds and goals in investing in the US Real Estate. Do you know who your Chinese Real Estate buyer is?

There are many cash rich Chinese and they are coming to the US to buy cheap Real Estate. There are even Tourist Flights from Mainland China to buy the bargain Southern California Real Estate. To some of these buyers, Real Estate and Los Angeles are synonymous with cheapest housing in the US.

The way I see it, the big challenge they face, is that there are only a few Realtors they can turn to get good  and Trustworthy advice. Just like in Baseball, Location is the most important Point they need to consider in a down market. Yes there are areas that have had 50-80% depreciation, but the most important question is what the Timeline is for the Return on Their Investment? The Golden Rule in a Down Market, buy in the Best Location to get the Best and Safest Return Period!

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