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Check out the Vibrant Colors of Downtown Los Angeles.

Posted on Mar 8, 2015 by in Downtown Los Angeles | 0 comments

Downtown Los Angeles has turned into a very Vibrant Downtown. I still remember 17+ years ago when at night it turned into a Ghost town… in some respects it reminded me of  Providence Rhode Island. At night the city would become a ghost town…anyway that was twenty plus years ago.


Now when I drive around Downtown Los Angeles all I see is vibrant colors. These photos are of a building let me know what you think?

Interestingly two to three blocks from here it is still a very sad area to see. Today you can not find a one bedroom Condominium under $375,000.00 what a change in ten plus years. Funny I told Diane fifteen years ago we should buy a Condominium Downtown, she looked at me like I had two heads. Just on a side note in those days you could buy a large luxury Condominium under Four Hundred Thousand Dollars that is now going for around $850,000. go figure what do I know I am just a Realtor who sees the trends.

Now if you are looking for good advice and are open to take it, please reach out to me directly. Either way please enjoy the pictures!




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