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Check out another easy Swordfish Dinner Recipe by Endre Barath, Jr.!

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


 Check out another easy Swordfish Dinner Recipe by Endre Barath, Jr. !

swordfish dinner Endre Barath


As most of you who read my blog know, that I love to cook and seafood is often on the dinner menu here in our household in Marina Del Rey, CA. In case you missed my previous recipe on how I make Swordfish I am enclosing a link for your convenience ( )


Since we have had a few heat waves, instead of baking the Swordfish, I decided on a stove top version. (Let me know what you think) Keep in mind I hardly use salt & pepper so add that according to your taste!

beverly hills homes Endre Barath,Jr.



·         Olive Oil, garlic, shallots, sweet onions (sauté them in the pan)


·         Swordfish, mushrooms, tomatoes (brown the Swordfish in the same pan & add the mushrooms)


·         Remove skin of tomatoes (see photo) and remove seeds from tomatoes and add to pan


·         For broth either add white wine, chicken stock or vegetable stock to the same pan


·         Italian Parsley (chopped as flavor and decoration)

beverly hills luxury condominiums, Endre Barath

If you would like to place the fish over a bed I find any one of these would work:


·         Rice


·         Couscous (Israeli or French)


·         Quinoa


·         Mashed potatoes

luxury homes in beverly hills,ca Endre Barath

Since I was in a rush Couscous was my choice since I could make it as I was cooking the Swordfish. Bon Appetite!

luxury homes in beverly hills,ca


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