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Century City,CA. Midyear Market Report

Posted on Jul 6, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


I have been very busy during the month of June; hence my perception was that the Market has been very active. Instead of going by perception let us look at the facts.


               January                       February              March           April         May           June


Active:             289                       295                      294             306           315             313


Pending:             35                          10                       38               50             54               50


Accepting Backups 14                     20                      25               30             38               27


Sold                         13                      14                      20              19              27              42 


It is very encouraging to see these statistics, in light of the fact, that I just finished looking at the Marina Del Rey as well as the Play Vista figures. They all are along the same line.

 The Active listings show minor increases, never the less increases from January to June. There has been a consistent increase just like in the Pending numbers there has been a 142% increase. Just as the Accepting Backup Offers has had a 192% increase. These are truly amazing figures. If you read the Los Angeles Times you would not get these statistics. The media mentioned a small indication, that there has been a positive activity in the Real Estate Market, not what the true figures show which was as a phenomenal increase.  The sales are out of this world an unimaginable 323 % increase over January.


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