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Car Buying in the Future via DocuSign! It is a dream not reality Yet!

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Car Buying in the Future with DocuSign! It is a dream not reality Yet!

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If you ever bought a car you have experienced the most hard pressure sales techniques ever. I went with Diane to buy a car. We drove into the dealership, as soon as we parked there were six Salesmen standing in front of the main entrance door.  This scene reminded me of Vultures circling around the dying person in the desert.

Once we were ‘passed off’ to the floor sales person, then the drama began, from selection of the car to actually signing at the lowest price possible about 5 hours transpired. I do not have to tell you, salesman, sales manager, financial manager we finally left the car lot and Diane had a new car.

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Now visualize a futuristic scenario:  Diane and I walk in to a Car Dealership, we look at the cars without any Salesperson hovering over us and we test drive the vehicle. Thank the Dealership get a name and e-mail address of the designated salesperson.

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We go home discuss the pros and cons of the vehicles we looked at and test drove. Then we send an email to the Salesperson and discuss the strategy of how fast we want to buy the car, what colors and extras do they include in the offered price. Three four emails later we build the car and then submit our offer. Thank you DoCuSign the application, the loan documents and the sales agreement are all DocuSigned right after dinner.

We go to sleep next day we wake up loan is approved, car is prepared and delivered to our home. Wow thank you DocuSign. This was a Painless, smooth transaction just like buying a home, right? Oh, that is right this is just a dream. Car Dealerships do not use DocuSign nor do they use smooth transactions.

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