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Can you sell a home before it is built?

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Can you sell a home before it is built?

Can you sell a home before it is built? I just had a great meeting with a Developer; we had drinks at one of the most prestigious Hotels in Santa Monica, CA.  We covered a lot of ground and then he asked what I can sell his home for. He also wanted to know if I could sell his home. The answers to both of these questions seem challenging in today’s market.

The Answer is for me was an unequivocal “Yes” provided we make the home an Artwork; it cannot be a cookie cutter box and we position it to sell by marketing and pricing it well.

So what do we have to do? The closer you make it to the real thing the easier it is. There has to be a fantastic 3D rendering of the home and with it virtual staging i.e.: furniture, paintings, and flowers in the vase and appliances in the kitchen. The closer it looks to the real thing the better.

Offering a Virtual Experience, before the foundation is even poured is critical. I do not mean glossy brochures. I mean a virtual tour with floor plans.  Architectural Renderings those which look real, almost indistinguishable from actual photos are the ones I am referring to. This is to attract and impress clients and generate inquiries and a buzz. The clients that can live and buy anywhere they choose to, they are the target market. The clients who are too busy and do not have the desire to build their home in the dream location because of their busy schedule or do not have the energy to take on the head ache that it involves building.

 I am referring to Today’s affluent clients who are internet and market savvy. They are connected with their Smart phones, Note Pads and Laptops to an international real estate market. The busy business professional, the A-list Hollywood Entertainer, the busy Musician who is on the go eight months out of the year, they are our perfect clients to buy this home. They have the vision, the financial well being and want to own a cool, hip, trendy and sexy home.

Now with this said, what would your answer be? How would you market this home? What would your advice be? What are your thoughts??

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