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Breaking News: The Harry & David Store in Manhattan Beach,CA Closed!!

Posted on Jan 26, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Breaking News: The Harry & David Store in Manhattan Beach, CA Closed!

Harry & David has been an American institution for the past 80 years. They went through highs and lows but managed to come back stronger, hence you can imagine my shock.

I am very sad and disappointed. First the economy is improving and we are still finding out that this   historic business is downsizing. How sad, there were so many great knowledgeable workers with strong customer service skills who are without a job.

From a personal perspective, I will miss the store, since for me it was less than a ten mile drive and I could buy the  best gift baskets as well as perfect tasting fruit. I have never seen such large and flawless pears as the Harry and David pears, just to mention a favorite of mine.

harry & david pear, endre barath

Many of my clients will miss the Gift baskets I used to give them around Christmas time. Ironically I was in the store probably five times during the holidays and you would not believe how much products they sold. I had a conversation with one of the staff members, because I needed one more Gift basket and they were out of 85% of all their products. She said it was the best year they ever had and it was the best day the other day and their inventory is virtually nonexistent.

hary & david giftbasket, Endre Barath

Needless to say I was shocked at the fact that this store closed! Sadly there are no other Harry & David Stores within at least a 20 mile radius from Marina Del Rey, CA to the best of my knowledge.

Now I might have to order on line, but with my last poor experience with the delivery service I had with UPS I am not sure that will be a wise decision. If you never had their products check out their website and I am sure you will be a fan  .


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