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Breaking News The Design Review Board Unanimously REJECTED Marina…

Posted on Mar 28, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Breaking News: The Design Review Board: Unanimously REJECTED Marina Admiralty’s Proposal to destroy a Historically Significant Property.

Breaking News: The Design Review Board Unanimously REJECTED Marina Admiralty’s Plans to destroy a Historically Significant Property “… this property is worth preserving was the message the Board sent to the developers…” The property in question being Mariner’s Village was to be totally re-engineered. All vegetation including mature trees, streams and waterfalls as well as the endangered and protected species the Blue Herons would have been forcefully and aggressively removed and more than likely killed.

Keep in mind I am all for progress and improving the communities not just in Marina Del Rey but all over the world. This property was called by one of the local politicians as the Crown Jewel of Marina Del Rey and it is in needed polishing. Clearly the Design Review Board understood this and wanted the Developer to accomplish the task with care and consideration for the Natural Habitats of the Blue Herons, the safety and security of the local residents as well as to consider the additional burden of the increased traffic this would create.

The current climate of the world simply stated: people recognize that we need to share the Urban Forest. Humans and Nature need to coexist and not at the cost of one or another. This can be accomplished in harmony with good planning. There is no reason to demolish every building.


Most forward thinking developers understand that ‘Green Building’, taking care of the environment and being good citizens and good neighbors would be embraced by the community. Marina Admiralty totally disregarded this concept and chose a totally different route: they took the arrogant bad developer approach, trying to bulldoze down every tree, not being considerate of the community nor their residents.  Totally forgetting that when they originally built Mariner’s Village in the late 1960’s early 1970’s they won a Landscape Architectural Award.


Needless to say, the community supported by numerous organizations such as the Sierra Club, the Ballona Institute, local grass roots organization of  Marina Del Rey, the Silver Strand Residents and of course the residents of Mariner’s Village expressed their concerns  and opposed  the project. Most importantly for not being good but rather being arrogant developers. Clearly the Design Review Board Concurred by  REJECTING  the Developer’s Proposal of 7000 sq feet of Commercial Space inside a quiet residential neighborhood and destroying this historically significant community. As well as saving the mature trees and natural habitats.

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