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Breaking News: New Properties by Month in Beverly Hills, PO that is are up by 77%!

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by in Beverly Hills Post Office Market Reports | 0 comments

Breaking News: New Properties by Month in Beverly Hills, PO are up by 77%! That is incredible. February 2014 there were 22 Single Family Residential homes on the market in all Price points. Then in February of 2015 there were 39 Single Family Homes on the Market. That is a change of Plus 17 properties. In other words 77%. Now if you are wondering so how was the Median List Price in February 2014 vs. the Median List Price in February 2015? Those numbers are equally amazing. The Median Price was $3,035,000 in 2014 vs. the Median Price in 2015 was $3,998,000. Clearly you can see that is an equally impressive increase as well.

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