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Breaking News J.D. Power and Associates annual Home Buyers/Sellers Study is OUT

Posted on Aug 10, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I just finished reading in Realtor Magazine-Daily that Coldwell Banker has scored the highest on the Customer-Service rankings among Home Sellers and Keller Williams ranked first among home buyers in the annual J.D Power and Associates 2009 Home Buyer/Seller study.

This is quite fascinating that the home buyer rankings were based on a 1000- point scale.

To me what is even more telling is, that the average score was 791 and the first place 

Brokerage Keller Williams had a score of 806 and the second place Coldwell Banker had a score of 801. This is very interesting that there is only five points separating first from second place and only fifteen points away is first place from average. As a Red Sox fan I understand that principle of one more hit, one more out and one more win makes all the difference which player is the Hall of Fame material and which team makes it to the Play Offs and which Team is the Champion.

 As I kept reading on I discovered that the home seller average score was 786 out of 1000 points as well and Coldwell Banker has scored 815, and Keller Williams followed with 801. The order was in reverse for the Sellers, but the margins were equally close. As a Realtor who competes for Listings from Sellers and competes with fellow agents for Buyers I see how close this really is. The difference is one more phone call, one more objection over coming clarification between walking away with one more listing and one more sale. 

 I just wanted to share this with fellow Active Rainer’s after watching the Red Sox being defeated by the Yankees.

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